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13 April 2008 @ 03:04 pm
Smoked Tea  
Title: Smoked Tea
Character: Yuuko, Watanuki
Fandom: xxxHolic
Genre: General, Supernatural
Rating: PG
Word Count: 104

There is a teashop nearby the school where no one goes. Not even Yuuko, though she’s tried. Multiple times. But the door is shut, always, and there is no way in (or out).

“That place is plagued,” Yuuko says.

“By what?”

“What do you see?”


“Then so it is.”

And Watanuki is thinking he’s been here before, seen the smoke, but he just can’t remember. The thing is growing, and the air is getting dustier but still, Yuuko smiles.


Watanuki shakes his head. Because there’s something there, and he just can’t see it. Why are you surprised? —You’ve seen dead things before.