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25 July 2012 @ 07:55 am
Dysfunction as Heritage [VI. One Sentence]  
Title: Dysfunction as Heritage VI
Pairing: Byakuya/Rukia-ish(???) with cameos of other pairings
Fandom: Bleach
Genre: Drama, angst, "family issues," backstory, futurefic, romance, friendship
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Not all legacies are noble. Byakuya learns this the hard way. Series of semi-related oneshots. 

v. betrayal | vii. contrition

A/N: For 1sentence Byakuya/Rukia, Byakuya/Hisana

And....Bleach 502 just came out. Yes he's dead. I don't want to live anymore. *quivers* 

VI. One Sentence

01. Motion

They move in symmetry, a little at a time, and all very furious—all the while she simply thinks: this isn't right.

02. Cool

Her hands are always icy (like his heart), a hundred degrees below freezing and still raging harsher.

03. Young

She is too young, Byakuya thinks, too young and too naïve and too Rukia to the bone.

04. Last

Rukia is used to being last, the last to choose (be chosen)—last to die—but now, she wishes that she really is his last.

05. Wrong

Incest is vile and hideous and altogether wrong (they're not exactly related).

06. Gentle

Gentle pleasantries come naturally to him (called birthright), but she isn't born a Kuchiki.

07. One

She embeds this trite, tart problem deep inside: that she isn't the first one, the only one, the one, one-one.

08. Thousand

A thousand years is far too long for a dead relationship, especially one that still contains her sister's ghost tightly wedged in between.

09. King

Sometimes, she imagines him as a king, because only a king act that indifferent.

10. Learn

Distance, he learns, is imperative and bitter and cruelly righteous (when it comes to her).

11. Blur

Tonight, he is nothing but a blur tipping down scales as she dreams and lies awake, deathly starved.

12. Wait

She realizes that waiting is eternity plus one plus a baleful more.

13. Change

Seasons change—as do people and dead people and half-dead people—and Rukia can't stand how dramatically he has changed.

14. Command

Responsibility is a weighted word (a heavy burden) and Rukia seethes at the thought of how odiously responsible he orders her to be.

15. Hold

Byakuya holds her close and whispers childish enchantments to her: that she is safe, she is well, is not-sick-free from here on out.

16. Need

When they are together, there is love and need and hate (but mostly hate).

17. Vision

She and he and their entire messy, nervous somethingness is blind, fails to realize that this is not a fairytale—that this is all too faked real.

18. Attention

Attention screams murder, which she knows (and he knows) is what he secretly, terribly wants.

19. Soul

Rukia soon understands that souls can hurt (eternally) and souls can love (rarely), but souls cannot hurt and love without expecting to be smothered out.

20. Picture

Ichigo took a photo of her yesterday, and today—strange—Byakuya is more callous than usual.

21. Fool

She fools herself to think that he truly, really, sincere-to-god is her brother.

22. Mad

Her sister had gone crazy and now is dead and Rukia will soon follow and alone he will be (how it's supposed to be).

23. Child

Hisana promised him a child and she delivered—one fully grown.

24. Now

A moment ago she was nothing, now she is something, and a moment later she will again be nothing.

25. Shadow

When she passed, she consumed herself, and all he could do was sigh and remember the last time this happened with her sister's shadow centuries ago.

26. Goodbye

The word "goodbye" scathes and sticks on the roof of her mouth, much like their hurried, furtive, sorta-sordid gestures (it really has been too long).

27. Hide

They act as if they're in a game with him trying to crawl up her achy spine and her grimacing back with what they both know as he won't.

28. Fortunate

Hisana was most unfortunate while Rukia is most fortunate, and Byakuya thinks (bad of him) that it's better this way: Rukia is more defiant against suffering.

29. Safe

Safe, Rukia discovers, is just an absurd word because no matter what he says, she cannot feel at peace around him.

30. Ghost

Normalcy is impossible not because she married her dead sister's husband but because denial is an all-too-powerful lover.

31. Book

When she wakes up screaming at corpses, he simply continues reading (she wouldn't want it otherwise).

32. Eye

Byakuya comments that her eyes are strangely ashy and grey and darting (and vivid and lively and everything he cannot say).

33. Never

Never is endless as are his demands.

34. Sing

Her voice is soft and low, and sometimes, he imagines she is singing to him instead of the other.

35. Sudden

He can be suddenly there, but he likes being suddenly gone more—it's less excruciating for both of them.

36. Stop

"Stop," she orders and pushes him away (please lie, just once more).

37. Time

Time kills in an unruly manner, uncouth and crude, and that is why Byakuya despises it for ending her (when it was his duty all along).

38. Wash

On accident, he saw her coming out of the bath and wondered if her skin tasted salty or sweet or an erosive collision of bitterness.

39. Torn

He is torn between no-way-out, but she refuses to forfeit.

40. History

History is never accepting, just like how their liaisons can never be accepted.

41. Power

Power is unforgiving, is infinite, is the only thing he has over her.

42. Brother

At least he never pretended to be her brother.

43. God

He can play god as often, as quick, as clever as he wants—until god decides to inflict reprisal and then, he is reduced to mourning another wife.

44. Wall

Propriety constructs a wall that neither of them can breach (one that Byakuya is resolute in destroying).

45. Naked

Rukia gives him her heart naked and blank: "Take it, now, before he does."

46. Drive

She has no strength, no resistance, and so he assaults without qualms (she always surrenders in the end).

47. Harm

He will never let her come to harm, but danger is something innate from within (from him).

48. Precious

She is precious to him only when she is no more.

49. Hunger

He kisses her, hungry and intensified by a thousand electrified pulses, and she closes her eyes and thinks it's all a flawless, rehearsed paly.

50. Believe

Rukia does not believe he feels guilt (repentance is a sham) and so, he pours every one of his regrets into her.

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Y U no auto-translate?: angerlye_tea on July 25th, 2012 12:04 pm (UTC)

I was finally going to bed too, but nooooooo Bleach had to come out. AND THIS IS THE SHIT WE FACE????

I neez a hug (and another Vicodin). :(
(Deleted comment)
Y U no auto-translate?: v said solye_tea on July 25th, 2012 12:11 pm (UTC)
I am a sucker for Oxy. Stupid doctor won't give me moar. Perhaps if I go to him with bullshit about emotional distress. COS FANDOM IS SRS BIZ WHEN BYAKUYA DIES!!!

Or.....maybe he's secretly alive?? I'm in so much denial....