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28 July 2010 @ 04:29 am
Sophistication [Soujirou x Yuki]  
Title: Sophistication
Pairing: Soujirou (Yi Jung) x Yuki (Ga Eul)
Fandom: Hana Yori Dango (Boys Before Flowers)
Genre: General
Rating: PG
Word Count: 475




He once called her unsophisticated, clumsy, an ingénue not French, and a whole cavalcade of less pleasant and more imaginative descriptions. He supposed he was somewhat right. She wasn’t graceful or elegant, certainly not beautiful (pretty at best), and her intelligence didn’t strike him as ineffably charming or conversationally witty. Even her jokes were pathetically abysmal. Akira in his most drunken, gauche state could do better.


But somehow, he was attracted to her. And he was on a quest to discover the reason.




Subconsciously, he found himself following her around the city. At first, it was on the pretence to obtain information about her friend (his friend too, he’s starting to suspect). But Makino was an easy case to deduce, and he was soon bored of playing detective.


Besides, Yuki didn’t seem happy with his constant questions and hovering presence. She even tried to shoo him out of the store, swatting at him like a fly. At this, Soujirou raised a brow and retreated. He knew when he was defeated.


The next day, he returned with a battalion of good humour and carefree smiles. Okami-san showered him with compliments (Yuki’s scowls only intensified).




She caught him off guard that time she brought him to the roof. Where the sunbeams hit, where the sky opened and engulfed the half-words, and out of the tawny, electric expanse, he saw the message.


Three years too late (the wrong girl) and head going crazy in circles, it was obvious. He’d messed up bad; he knew that.


Yuki took him to the closest café, to shoot some sense back into him (coffee, searing hot, black and stinging). Magically, dancing to an inaudible piper’s tune, he recounted everything. Yuki turned out to be a remarkable listener.




On a whim (he was almost drunk), he asked her on a real date one evening. Her eyes widened in surprise, comically large and expressive. She stayed silent as he rambled without caution, ranting about his own stupidity, her (Sara’s) inability to recognize his stupidity, and the cruelty of details omitted.


He ordered a sixth drink—she snatched it away stealthily. The words kept spilling out, no dam, no damns to hold him back. Yuki understood perfectly. He was finally letting go, and finally for himself.


At the end of the night, she walked him home. He nearly crushed her as they staggered through Tokyo sans light, sans sense.


In the morning, Soujirou woke up with a colossal fracture in the head and the shaking realisation Yuki had actually rejected him.




One day, out of the blue, she seemed to have suddenly acquired a newfound sophistication.


Through the large windows of the dongo shop, he saw her serving two customers with poise and unparallel style. Soujirou shook his head, cleared the thought, and entered.


It must’ve been his imagination.   



fade_in2_dreams: Jae; You are lovedfade_in2_dreams on July 29th, 2010 05:30 am (UTC)
ah, I love these little insights into their lives, little moments that could very well be from the jdrama itself that we didn't get to see. I love your style of writing, so glad you're in this fandom^_^ thanks for sharing