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25 September 2009 @ 01:22 am
our own world [Ozai x Ursa]  

Title: our own world
Pairing: Ozai x Ursa
Fandom:Avatar the Last Airbender
Genre: Romance, Backstory
Rating: G
Word Count:  184


08. our own world


There were many proposals, some famous some rich some heavy and sad and some brought laughter to her eyes. And then there was his. Embossed on cream-white paper with the lilts and angles all jagged and tilted from his flourished hand, was a simple statement, almost like a request.


She let him kiss her hand (a hiss slithering along from his throat) and weighed the “rights and wrongs” of marriage. And what it would mean marrying him and—


“Of all the suitors I’ve had, Prince Ozai, I admit that you are by far the most unique.”


Ozai smiled. “I aim to please, my lady.”


“Is that why you led me here?”


“Aren’t you pleased?”


“It is very beautiful.”


“Think of it as our own little world.”


Hands whitened, clenching against the paper’s edge.


“Prince Ozai, you really know how to charm someone.”


“Only you.”


He leaned over to kiss her, missing her by a second. But it didn’t matter because this was their own little paradisiacal verandah from secular plagues and nuisances. This was where even he could be beautiful.