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01 March 2008 @ 03:12 pm
In Between  
Title: In Between
Pairing: Hikaru x Haruhi, Kaoru
Fandom: Ouran High School Host Club
Genre: General, Angst, Romance, Backstory
Rating: G
Word Count: 325

In Between

with him and her, there’s no room to spare…
too bad, unfair
this is how things are

He was the man in between, the one stuck in the middle of all the lies and playful (malicious) gestures and intents. And never-ever does Kaoru complain.

Hikaru the Elder, the Older, the Other, liked that girl. Haruhi. And so did Kaoru. But Kaoru put that aside, made himself forget, turn stoic, blank, and stone. Just for Hikaru. Because Kaoru was the one who relented, the one who always gave in.

And now, he was older, not so young and willing and naïve.

And now, he still let Hikaru get his way. Just because.


One day when he was a little boy, Hikaru fell and there was no one around. Except for Kaoru (it was always “except”). And so, Hikaru became angry and pulled his brother down too.

Down into the mud, where he said he belonged. (He said, he said.)

Kaoru simply laughed it off. He was the one who endured, felt life’s gripping brutality and gave smiles away, free of charge and bright.


“Why do you do this?” That Girl asked.

Kaoru shrugged. He couldn’t explain, couldn’t pull out the words for her to see, to understand. Couldn’t let things flow. “Because. Because I just do.”

And the girl left it at that, frowned slightly, but didn’t insist.

Everyone had skeletons to hide, veiled up from the world, tucked in a corner where they’ll remain.


Years passed, but the brothers stayed the same. Submissive and quiet, Kaoru went on with his life. No one knew why (neither did he), but it was very sad and amusing seeing him like that—

Eager to please, eager to be shoved to the side.

Relinquished and forfeited, the fallen declared before the war began. Hikaru won, and Kaoru lost. Readily. No questions asked.

At five, he surrendered his candy, at fifteen, the girl.

Because he was the man in between.

Just because.

neko11lover: Hikaruneko11lover on September 28th, 2008 01:25 pm (UTC)
Poor Kaoru! Just... just poor Kaoru. weeps