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01 March 2008 @ 02:52 pm
Title: Oblique
Pairing: Sesshoumaru & Rin
Fandom: Inuyasha
Genre: General
Rating: G
Wordcount: 250

In the village long-long ago, in the village she lived, there was winter.
The rivers ran frozen and still, heavy and lingering with dread. And Rin knew the cold better than anyone else. That was the winter she fell in—inside and out, felt her sides, ribs splitting with ice.
Sesshoumaru-sama, she decided, was like marble caked in snow. Hard like stone and frigid-skin bitter, biting to look-touch.
“Go and bathe,” he told her.
And outside, white fell down in large flaky petals—inundated the world, breathed them alert and coaxed fatigued muscles to run a mile more (or die).
And Rin stood up firmly to bathe and smile.
She knew the cold better than anyone else.
The spider laid dead in her hands, sullen and still its skinny legs and stout body shivered from an invincible wind.
“Look,” Rin said, furrowed her brows and pointed, “It stopped moving. Does it hurt…dying, I mean?”
Sesshoumaru smiled ironically, bared his teeth and dug into secrets a thousand feet deep. “I wouldn’t know.”
Sometimes, she would wait for him by a river. A river that flowed unbridled and unyielding.
And he returned worn and bloody, cuts blooming on his face.
And sometimes, they healed. But when they didn’t, there remained faint scars, like feathers
Seventeen was the age of girlish, heart-twisted dreams.
Seventeen was when she stopped growing.
And that was when she stayed behind, waiting for him to come back and bring her promises—which always shattered before reaching her ears.