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28 July 2009 @ 08:44 pm
Recall as Error [Jet x Ty Lee]  
Title: Recall as Error
Pairing: Jet x Ty Lee
Fandom: Avatar the Last Airbender
Genre: Angst, Backstory, Friendship
Rating: PG
Word Count: 606

A/N: For 5nevers; repost!fic.


Recall as Error


Ty Lee was six, and Jet was ten.

He was starving and roaming the streets, head high up and arrogant. And Ty Lee merely wondered if he would die from disease.

She rode in a carriage with silk curtains drawn back slightly, and the world seemed so big at the time. Jet simply walked, feet bruised and sore—Jet ran free.

Ty Lee had seen him in passing, over the hill from her family’s villa was. And there was something very intriguing about his sordid state. But they were to leave again in the morning, and she never found out his name.

(He didn’t know she was there.)


The war had erupted in its full bellicosity, and Ty Lee just couldn’t bear it. So, she left her family and home and went to live as an acrobat. (There had been much disgrace and shrieking and wailing, but Ty Lee was resolute.)

She and Jet met again, on the road, in some forsaken town where the widows laughed and cried out delirium and the men died one by one from a slow, fatal toxin (called beer and rum).

“Have we met somewhere?” Ty Lee asked, licked her lips and sat the chopsticks down—like the perfect demure, gentle lady (gone straight to hell and beyond).

“No,” he answered.

And Ty Lee continued to eat. It must have been a hallucination.


Azula was relentless and so domineering. But there was nothing Ty Lee could do about it. And thus, she pouted her pretty lips and beamed happily back. Because it was better to lie to Azula and live.

“The Dai Li have no true loyalties to any man or nation. But they can see a leader and know how to obtain their best interests,” Azula explained.

Ty Lee wrinkled her nose, knowing where this was heading, and did not like it at all. “What do you have in mind?”

“That boy, with the rebel-minions. Let the Dai Li use and dispose of him for us. It’ll be like hitting two birds with one stone. Unless…you have any objections, but I’m sure you don’t. Right?”

And Ty Lee smiled (venomously) and complimented Azula (with wrath and malice). “Of course.”


The Avatar came with heaven and hell snapping at his heels. Ty Lee was frightened, but laughed it off (the others were perplexed).

She didn’t care about Azula or her insanity. Ty Lee wanted to live.

But when it had all been over and done with and the bloody bodies cleansed and nursed, she stopped Katara (or whatever her name was, the Earthbending girl kept calling her something else) and inquired with mild kindness: What happened to that boy way back in Laogai?

“Oh, Jet, you mean?” said Katara, “He died.”


Isn’t that funny? Ty lee thought, that she didn’t even know his name till Katara mentioned it.


Sometimes, a person would say: I’m done with this! —and dropped dead, seizure-like. Only to discover that eternity hurts a hundred fold more and still thrashing around postmortem. Because eternity meant eternity, and then, there was no way out.

But Ty Lee didn’t believe in that philosophy, and so, she went on with her life After The War. She wanted to return to the circus and its frivolities and its never-ending amusements, and so she did. After The War.

One afternoon, she stopped at a small, ancient tavern (which she remembered so long ago). A man reached over for his food and glanced over her way. Ty Lee peered intently into his eyes and his all-too-familiar face and asked—

“Have we met somewhere?”


kaoriz on July 29th, 2009 07:34 pm (UTC)
Eek! I think I have a new pairing to ship! I love! How you portrayed Ty Lee's inner feelings and thoughts, the narration and style of the story... excellent! ^__^