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09 June 2009 @ 11:36 pm
Paragon [Severus Snape]  
Title: Paragon
Character: Severus Snape
Fandom: Harry Potter
Genre: Introspection
Rating: G
Word Count: 100


There were paragons of beauty, of virtue, of brilliance, and then there was him. Snip, snip, Snape, they ruthlessly twisted words (the Dark Lord laughed shrilly, Snape was as good as dead!).

Severus snarled. No one cared. Reputation was reputation whenever, wherever.

And he was always the paranoid one, the one whose eyes fleeted like pebbles over quicksilver. Always suspicious, always sensitive (too much so for “his own good”).

But they didn’t understand. They had their prestige, pride, and power. And he had nothing except for the indefatigable dread of worthless, work, work, work. (Severus muttered out a capricious incantation.)