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02 January 2009 @ 04:21 am
Checkmate [Riley x Dawn]  
Title: Checkmate
Pairing: Riley x Dawn
Fandom: Pokemon (Diamond & Pearl)
Genre: Romance
Rating: G
Word Count: 266



She is small and dainty and covered in scabs and dirt. He is tall (called elegant, thinks of himself as impressive) and dressed impeccably. Everything matches and they all fall to place. Except for her. She sits next to him unnoticed (and salient).

He counts her breathing: even, good. Her mouth is open, slight and pink and weary.

And all of a sudden, his hands start inching towards hers (he finds himself thinking what it would feel like kissing her). Soft. And supple. And everything right.

As it could be (but isn’t and shouldn’t be).

Riley observes the way she moves her wrists, almost flicking them, when she strikes. The knight lands, and his pawn is taken away as prisoner. She smiles, and he does too.

“Check,” Dawn said.

“But not mate.” Not yet.

She bites down on her lip and shifts impatient in her seat. He tries (stops) to touch her—wondering if she’ll shrink away. Wilt away like a flower in death.

“Just wait,” he replied.

She raises her eyebrows (coy, he notices) and takes another pawn. Riley sighs and moves his queen forward. And takes the knight. She is made of subterfuge and soon reclaims lost land. And slowly, inches her way in and leeches onto the board (broad-heart). Quietly, Dawn makes another move: check.


He stares with genuine surprise this time, realizing there are no defenses left.

She conquers and unfolds (her eagle-wings).


This time, Riley doesn’t smile or laugh.

It’s scary knowing he’s lost (and somehow won). And that though is comforting enough, but only for a while.


hewitt: f-22; air powerrisingdragon on January 2nd, 2009 05:50 pm (UTC)
This is one of my favorite pairings in Pokemon and I love the way you wrote them.