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01 March 2008 @ 03:02 pm
Title: Nuisance
Pairing: Ozai x Ursa
Fandom: Avatar the Last Airbender
Genre: Drama, Angst, Tragedy
Rating: PG
Word Count: 362

Today, she weds.
Today is the beginning, is the end.
Today, she weds.
Ozai is a frustration made a fool. An frustration (and failure) to his father and brother and dead mother seething underneath her grave. And a fool to make her his wife. Ursa does not forgive past things done, and him murdering her uncle is one of them.
“Now, drink from the cup,” the priest whispers.
And Ursa obeys.
“Now, you are husband and wife.”
And Ursa feels like weeping.
She is his wife, but feels more like an enemy. They call her the nuisance bride, though harmless. Ursa is no venom discreetly slipped into a drink. She is just a temporary thing. So, secretly, she allies herself with Ozai’s brother. Iroh is sweet and prudent, not like her husband.
Ozai must suffer, she agrees.
Fettered to a chair,
Sends up the stairs hopes and prayers,
An heir? (she asks)
On her eighteenth birthday, there is a celebration in the palace, and Ozai, like always, is absent.
But Iroh stands in his place, and Ursa is content. Iroh is the charmer, and Ozai is the snake.
“Care for a game, Princess?” he asks, amused at her foreign ways and familiar face.
“Yes, I would love to.”
Ursa smiles. She is happy tonight. Ozai is not there.
Ozai plans to usurp his father and his brother. But some disaster or another will strike, and he will fall—hard. Ursa is prepared for this. She carefully gathers ink and paper and words. She writes to her family far away, and soon, it will be time to leave.
She only wishes she could take Zuko too. His father will make him savage, and Azula will devour him whole.
Azula, Ursa smiles bitterly, she is glad to leave that one behind.
In the morning, Prince Zuko hears screams from his mother’s rooms and remembers a few lingering remnants of a dream. Soon, Azula walks in, giggling.
“Mother’s gone, Zu-Zu. Didn’t even say goodbye. Well, whatever. Grandfather’s dead, by the way. Too bad. Oh well.”
Then, Ozai is crowned Fire Lord.
And the whole world sighed in disbelief.