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14 December 2008 @ 03:28 am
The Fresh Hyaline Line (III Over the Cuckoo's Nest)  
Title: The Fresh Hyaline Line (III Over the Cuckoo's Nest)
Pairing: Joker x Rachel Dawes
Fandom: Batman The Dark Knight
Genre: Drama
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 1,106
Summary: Joker has an interesting thing to tell: there is no real difference between civil obedience and disobedience. It comes down to the basic slaughter.

A/N: A slight diversion from the main plotless plotline. Chapter Two ||  Chapter 4

The Fresh Hyaline Line

…a sentence is delicate…a sentence is telling

III. Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

01. Air

Air gets trapped in the lungs too damn much and suffocation is inevitable, and besides, he hated when she breathed.

02. Apples

“That’s the original fruit of sin,” he says and watches as she devours the fruit whole, savoring especially on the core.

03. Beginning

The Batman is really starting to annoy him now, keeping her away half the night (when they could have been ren-dez-vous-ing, ah.

04. Bugs

They were just getting the kinks out when a horrific snarl came forced out, making his ears go mute and her eyes blind—relationships never last for long.

05. Coffee

She was addicted to coffee, and he would have said she was his addiction if it didn’t sound so stupid and clichéd.

06. Dark

Dark like his heart, dark like the empty place in the closet where The Wife once stashed the knives (so you don’t hurt yourself, dear).

07. Despair

In tragedy and suffering, despair results because of not-knowing, which—he describes majestically—is easily solved by finding some meaning (say, by shooting).

08. Doors

When one door closed, hers slammed shut (as did all of Gotham City’s).

09. Drink

“Care for a drink, beautiful? What say, you and I, ah, get to know each other?”

10. Duty Calls

When duty calls, Batman and Joker come to spar and play—leaving her alone and distressing over nothing.

11. Earth

The earth moves and rumbles: the earth dares them to defy it and levitate off the paved roads and safety lines.

12. End

Ending is not finale because ending is only an intermission—mission to act.

13. Fall

Poor Miss Rachel Dawes had a gruesome incident today, fell off the balcony fifty stories up.

14. Fire

“I burnt my first wife up, but I won’t ever do that to you, you, my dear, are just too pretty.”

15. Flexible

He was a flexible man, able to listen and acknowledge nearly any fancy, and so, it was fate’s fault that she was selected (he didn’t care as long as he got a body either way).

16. Flying

“What kind of a bat can’t fly?” Joker jokes, “A dead one!”

17. Food

Filet mignon is a snotty dish, and it matches her character like a gem (always wincing during sex, heartless bitch).

18. Foot

Cinderella went to a ball, lost a slipper, and fetched a beau—Rachel half wanted to ask if “Cinderella” was another one of his tasteless stories.

19. Grave

Harvey Dent gave her the graveyard shift (so they could be alone) and while she pretended the other didn’t know (Joker was already planning a good housecleaning).

20. Green

Green is the color of money, of wealth, of greed and oh, how he loathed greed (and feverishly kisses all over her face).

21. Head

“Are you feeling all right, sweet?” the nurse asked and Rachel vehemently shook her head, scared and big-eyed from hallucinating.

22. Hollow

Look,” he orders and clasps onto her neck turning her limp body around like a desperate puppet, “they are the hollow men, and that—I said look—includes your precious, little Harvey Dent.”

23. Honor

“Hey, I got it: Harvey dented his honor, get it!” and Rachel is not amused.

24. Hope

There is no hope for any of us, she says this and cries harshly into his chest (there, there, he pets her) and pretends he is someone else.

25. Light

Light is energy but also reverts into matter, and Rachel sluggishly pulls herself out of his energy and into illuminated solid stages.

26. Lost

A little girl is lost, a little girl disappears, a little girl resurfaces twenty years later deranged.

27. Metal

He would have given her a genuine wedding ring (eager to see her shock and revulsion) and would have been quite pleased indeed except even that wouldn’t be nearly as much fun as—

28. Old

Day by day he gets a little older, and she gets a little crazier (and soon, they’ll finally be on the same page).

29. New

Something blue, something new: Rachel subconsciously shops for a wedding that’ll never happen.

30. Peace

I’ve made my peace, why can’t you make yours, she wants to say and hesitates.

31. Poison

The poison, in the wound, cannot be removed and such an interesting toxin, he finds it (her) enjoyable (in particular when squirming and writhing, oh wiggle-worm).

32. Pretty

Prettiness, he begrudges her that much.

33. Rain

Rain never falls on Gotham in long, lulling waves; always, always it hits hard and fast (raining down bullets instead of water).

34. Sing

“I have an amazing, A-class, astounding voice, and it can enchant any girl down to her knees.”

35. Roses

As an amicable, loving prank he brings her roses one night (and watches calmly as they drug her into a narcotic sleep).

36. Secret

He could read her like a book, eliciting every secret she tries to stifle (as if she could).

37. Snakes

Snakes were evil, snakes were bad, and the Joker is something much worse.

38. Snow

Snow was her blanket away from him: in snow, he couldn’t snatch her away without leaving lurid vestiges from muddied feet and bloodied lips.

39. Spring

Spring arrived early that year and along with it, the Joker faded into oblivion (and soon, she was the only one who remembered his name).

40. Solid

His body felt taut and sinewy as she wrapped her legs around his torso and felt him slicing in.

41. Stable

Wheat is a stable crop because wheat is common and disposable.

42. Strange

A stranger comes, and Rachel opens wide her door—towering he approaches, hands stuck out in violent-shaded gloves.

43. Summer

There was no season more unbearable than summer, because no other season was as hot and dangerous (just a misunderstanding, officer).

44. Taboo

It is taboo to sleep with the enemy, so she thought of him as no-one (just a random person along walked her way).

45. Ugly

“Once she said ugly, and once, she lost her cheeks: moral of the story, don’t say ugly.”

46. War

The war against Gotham’s criminal elite was halted by a single (mad)man and recommenced when a woman was (almost) killed.

47. Water

Water like patience and attraction is exhausted after perpetual waste and use.

48. Welcome

Her welcome is icy, and her embrace is clammy and stiff.

49. Winter

White was her favorite, but (he thought) she looked better charred black.

50. Wood

Wooden tales sink: this has been all pretended and imagined.

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Y U no auto-translate?lye_tea on December 14th, 2008 10:33 pm (UTC)
Re: Okay, now I've found you...
Yes, the uncredited bits are mine. Thank you for your reviews. ♥
Larissa Faelarissafae on December 15th, 2008 01:04 am (UTC)
Re: Okay, now I've found you...
Isn't she freaking fabulous? I'm so in love, now. ^___^
woodrokiro: Makes You Stranger jokerwoodrokiro on December 15th, 2008 03:22 am (UTC)
...This was fantastic. Your Joker was so in character it was insane (but awesome ;D), and you have just made me a shipper of this pairing xD
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