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24 November 2008 @ 03:27 pm
Red Face Rising  
Title: Red Face Rising
Pairing: Kohaku x Sango
Fandom: Inuyasha
Genre: Horror
Rating: T
Word Count: 500

Kohaku smiled and squeezed his sister’s hand (she was surprised but gave a reassuring grin back).

Kohaku was eager, ready to take on the world (anything).


He tossed his sickle into the air, caught it absentmindedly and made a grin so wide he thought his ears would crack. Sango took the sickle away and told him not to play. This was a job now, a serious event.

Kohaku grabbed for the blade and ran up ahead.

Sango merely shrugged and called for him (but in the back of her mind, she was just as happy and light).


At the inn, Sango changed into her slaying clothes. The ones colored muted black and bloodied red. She looked beautiful, Kohaku noticed—but decided against commenting. That would have been weird.

And so, it made his skin flush bright crimson when she asked him why he was staring.

“Just worried about what’s going to happen next.”

“Nothing will go wrong, so stop worrying.”

She reached over to cup his face.


He felt a stinging on his neck, something bit me. But it was gone when he tried to swat the fly away. Odd.

But there was no time to think (hurry, hurry). The youkai came, rumbling deep, rising deep, from the earth, stretching its arachnidan body (fat and rippling like a bloated puddle) it scuttled jerkily.

Kohaku went in for the final kill and to made his mark.

And there, he could feel his body reacting all by itself: killing the monster (and turning around).

He saw his arms and legs moving on their own, running to his father (cutting off the cheek, the throat, the blood that gushed out in spitting rushes). And Sango, that was the worst part, slicing directly into her back.

She pushed him away, push and run. But he was faster (surprisingly). He caught and twirled her around. And they matched sword and sickle. And it didn’t matter, he wasn’t himself anymore.

She didn’t stand a chance.


She fell and he yelled.

She thumped to the ground, an already-carcass.


He could hear the lord laughing (an awful, biting sound). And he wanted to scream and kill the man. But he buckled, but he fell down too.

Kohaku could feel the needles and strings winding in his heart.