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19 November 2008 @ 10:37 pm
Harry Potter Drabbles [100 Words Each]  
Written for remixthedrabble 

What a Doozey
Pairing: Hermione x Parvati
Genre: General
Rating: G

Her eyes are half-glassed and milky. She’s too sleeping to stand, but the exams are drawing near. And Parvati isn’t some genius like her sister (or that Hermione Granger).

She swirls around her tea rapidly, watches the leaves become dregs, and downs everything in one great flourish.

And spies Hermione in the corner of her eye. She sees the other girl, dragged down with books and notes and quills and ink, about to sink and disappear--exhausted. She offers some tea (it’s the polite thing to do).

Hermione accepts.

And Parvait pours out liquid gold. And goes in for the final touch (kiss).

Title: Commentary
Pairing: Bill x Fleur
Genre: General
Rating: G

Fleur sits down to write.

And perhaps to explain (for herself) why she was here instead of there. Why she was married to a British man, in London, waiting for some mystical Apocalypse to unfold.

She didn’t think she had the heart to care.

Weasley, that wasn’t a word she wanted to hear and say. Or her own name attached to it.

She remembered meeting him for the first time, three years past. And remembered becoming a wife & mother (that had been a frightening thought).

But now, she’s a Weasley, and she (thinks) she’s finally ready to love back.