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25 April 2008 @ 11:17 pm
Liar, Liar  
Title: Liar, LIar
Pairing: Miles Edgeworth x Lana Skye
Fandom: Phoenix Wright
Genre: General, Introspection
Rating: PG
Word Count: 293

She is cheating, and he is thinking.

Thinking of how he used to look-up-admire-and-idolize oh, oh so, so much. Her. And how she always insisted on winning, no matter the price. And how she always just happened to demand some small thing or other. And how he never minded that because it was her.

But now, he’s turning the table and the accusations are spread out against the sky, and directed, pointed and the aim is sharp and perfect. And that she is all burnt-out but he’s still coming off strong. And he’s a-going to win this debacle too—‘cause that’s what it was, when—

And it’s hurting like hell.

But he’s got it focused and down and charmed. He’s going to win, and make her proud (like rain on your wedding day—only this is what they call irony). This he insists.

And she is saying: I killed him, killedhimkilledhimkilled him. Why won’t you believe me, damnit?

And he is not believing either. For once, Miles is wondering: who is the woman behind the doll, behind the terse smiles and the cold, diluted eyes. He wants to peel away the layers, expose the liar, and maybe justice wasn’t such an overrated ideal.

Like all those that shake in sighs, let bygones be bygones (and let epigones be epigones). He is wondering: who he is. What he is (the bygone or the epigone?) and where that stands, with her.

Because when she’s up there and glowering at them all, as if daring to prove her innocent, Miles still gets the old, familiar shudder crawling up his spine. Some(one) ugly and the some(thing) beautiful. But when put together, the hideous disguise always wins.

Liar, liar he wants to say. But does not ever sway.