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29 August 2013 @ 02:33 am
Theories and Cantos and Avarice [Seymour/Yuna]  
Title: Theories and Cantos and Avarice
Pairing: Seymour/Yuna
Fandom: Final Fantasy X
Genre: Angst, Romance, Horror
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 1,186

A/N: Some are canon, some are AR. Most are creepy and inappropriate since this is Seymour, after all. Also, I haven't played FFX in YEARS so I apologize for any mistakes! Written for 1sentence


Theories and Cantos and Avarice

01. Motion

She had danced countless times for the dead, and each one was unique, each one breaking her heart as she purified the soul, but he was the only one for whom she cried.

02. Cool

His touch had been icy even when he was alive, and now, she felt like she was being scorched by frosted flames.

03. Young

He first saw her as a child, during a celebration in honor of her father, and thought how beautiful she would grow up to be (how worthy).

04. Last

Smiling, he dots kisses down her navel, knowing that he will be her last.

05. Wrong

It’s the world who is mistaken, and it is his duty to make them understand, force them to bend (it’s therefore right that he start with her).

06. Gentle

She eyes his long, skeletal fingers in fear as they snake around her neck, but no pain comes as he embraces her.

07. One

Weighing the gravity of her decision, Yuna realizes how easily sacrilege calls to her, how the choice had solely been hers all along.

08. Thousand

He thinks this must be how reincarnation works: because they were destined for greatness, for love blown asunder and mangled—from a thousand and one years ago.

09. King

Even as she bows (her spine betraying her) she will never acknowledge him as her lord.

10. Learn

Love is not taught (is learned) and she will grow to love him back.

11. Blur

Past the flurry of pyreflies swirling around her feet, dashing between her sleeves, and gyrating through the strands of her windswept hair, he sees how vulnerable she truly is.

12. Wait

He will endure an eternity for her, until she too enters the Farplane.

13. Change

Full of pity, Seymour purchases a Chocobo doll for the girl and kindly tells her not to cry (that grief does not die, can merely abate).

14. Command

“Will you marry me,” he breathes and the chains cinch into place around her waist.

15. Hold

Tentative, reverent, he brings her close, hoping to pour some of her sway (this curse) back into her.

16. Need

He doesn’t want her; his desire goes far beyond that banal humanness—is something pure and sacred and irreversibly doomed.

17. Vision

In her dreams, she converses with his mother and everything becomes so clear and all the more horrific.

18. Attention

As she cries inconsolably over the blond boy, he pets her head and tries to soothe her with soft sighs and fumbling words, but she is adamant in her lament, spiteful against his devotion.

19. Soul

He imagines that each of Yuna’s eyes guards a different entrance to her soul, and maybe if he is careful enough, surreptitious and cunning, he can unlock them both.

20. Picture

“Maester Seymour, who is this?” she gasps, pointing shakily to the burnt photo of his mother.

21. Fool

Even now she bows respectfully before him, quickly calculating for the opportunity to strike and seal him really dead.

22. Mad

Seething, he tosses her onto the bed and silkily divulges the Guado practice of marriage and marital rites.

23. Child

He was eighteen, freshly revived from exile and learning the grievances of youth all over again, and magnanimously, a little girl takes his hand and tells him not to be sad—for her father’s sake.

24. Now

“My lady, there’s no need to rush,” for this present bond is everlasting.

25. Shadow

There are clouds skirting over hills, lush lapses in the hours, and her and him walking toward the dim horizon line (where at last, he can taste happiness).

26. Goodbye

Yuna sinks to her knees and lets the warm, crimson waters of Kilika nibble at her limbs; she dares not to think (to remember) how his tragic smile still perforates her stupid heart.

27. Hide

No matter, he will always find her.

28. Fortune

Fascinated, he watches her bless the merchants of Luca and wonders if she could save him too.

29. Safe

He will kill the world for her, so she will not feel misery, so she will finally be safe.

30. Ghost

“But y-you’re dead!” Yuna screams just before his claws pierce her throat, gorging her on iron and rot.

31. Book

Tucking her feet under his thighs, she seeks for the familiar warmth and only when she is cocooned and content does she begin to read: chapter one.

32. Eye

She may not have the strange swirl distinctive to the Al Bheds, but they both know he knows what she is (and that he will keep her troublesome little secret, for now).

33. Never

“I will not love you!” she screams, not for all of Spira, for all the universe.

34. Sing

Lulu had the most beautiful voice, from Macalania to Gagazet, and on sad nights like this, Yuna would plead with her to chant his ghost away.

35. Sudden

Raw and powerful, his declaration guts her awful and brutal and totally unprepared for the redness seeping into her adulterous cheeks.

36. Stop

Witnessing the fusillade of hunger and venom (damned as veneration) burst from him, she cringes in fear because there will be no cessation, only a reprieve.

37. Time

In three hours they will wed, in three days they will depart, in three weeks she will be dead.

38. Wash

Her debauched abduction from the Al Bhed sanctuary resulted in a nasty gash down her shin and so, like a loving husband, he kneels to lick the wound.

39. Torn

With trembling fingers, she lines the veins on his face, wincing as she grazes his lips and desperately grips onto his shoulders—this is not betrayal.

40. History

He calls her “lady” as she calls him “lord,” but history will not repeat.

41. Power

He towers over her, cowering before her.

42. Bother

He would’ve killed them nonetheless (she should’ve predicted that); Seymour couldn’t bear any chance of competition.

43. God

“If Yevon had been honest then I would be too,” he whispers into the delicate skin of her neck.

44. Wall

As she jumps from the high fortifications of St. Bevelle, he regrets how their destiny unfolded, how she could have loved him in perhaps another lifetime.

45. Naked

She is even more beautiful immobile, fresh and frozen like the silvery foliage of his forest-home, and determined, he slips deep inside her.

46. Drive

Crazed, he assures her that they will meet again because a love like theirs is transcendent, immortal (nauseous, Yuna struggles furiously against his taloned manacles).

47. Harm

It’s not anguish or insanity that makes Seymour despise the boy—it’s jealousy.

48. Precious

He won’t allow another to become her Final Aeon, for no one can tear into her flesh and bleed her dry as gently as he will.

49. Hunger

He delights in her addressing him as Maester (revels in how it almost sounds like master).

50. Believe

Although dismayed, he admires her for leaping, plummeting and soaring with magnificent wings exploding underneath, and lies to himself that she did it for him.
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I knoooow. I've been obsessively following any updates online but nothing. SE comprises of dicks and trolls. I can't even play the original PS2 version cos it got lost somewhere during moving. FREAKING HELL!