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28 June 2012 @ 03:45 pm
Dash [Ozai/Ursa] [30 Kisses]  
Title: dash
Pairing: Ozai x Ursa
Fandom:Avatar the Last Airbender
Genre: Romance, Backstory 
Rating: PG
Word Count: 202

09. dash

She watches him teach their children the art of combat. Ozai is inexorable, a dark overcast that threatens to engulf them wide and bury them alive. He eggs them on against each other. Force, you need more force.

Zuko is strong, but his sister is stronger. Azula’s movements are light and masterful, a dance of flashes. She is a natural killer—like her father. Zuko is solid and formidable. He is blind to caution and hot-tempered, but he has a heart (the only one of them).

Ursa sees him crashing to the ground. She rushes to him and kisses his face. He whimpers in her arms and tries to stand—falls down again. On the verge of crying (sorry, Mom), he looks beautiful.

“That’s enough,” Ursa says to her husband. Her voice is encased in daggers.

Shrugging, Ozai picks up Azula and twirls her away. “You spoil him,” he replies.

As he leaves, she notices how sinewy and perverse his back is. Long and angle-jagged, he bristles easily and spits out flames.

Sometimes, she really hates him and wishes that he were dead.

But as for him, her baby-boy, she will always be there. A moment ahead, one step behind.